Thermal Treatment Solution for Menstrual Hygiene Sanitary Products

TitleThermal Treatment Solution for Menstrual Hygiene Sanitary Products
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsJeffrey Piascik, Taylor Myers, Hitendra Chaudhari, Brendon Lynch, Myles Elledge, Brian Grant, Stephanie Teleski, and Brian Stoner
Date Published08/2019
InstitutionGates Open Research
CitySeattle, Washington, USA
Keywordshygiene, menstrual health, sanitary pad disposal

S.H.E. (Safe Hygiene for Everyone) is an affordable, fully automated sanitary pad sterile disposal unit engineerd to provide dignity and privacy, waste reduction and safe hygiene. The innovation is designed for use with multiple fuel soruces and in shared and public settings, including schools, airports, bus and train stations, markets, malls, hotels, factories, and dormitories. This document serves as a research brief describing the technology and preliminary data.