Why are we using drinking water to flush our toilets?

Brian with Reclaimer Technology

In many places, including the U.S., up to 25% of potable household water is used to flush the toilet. Contrast this with the estimate that only about 5% of our potable water is used for drinking, and one has to wonder (as we do) if there isn't a better approach in a world of increasing drought, aridification and water scarcity. Our team is developing compact, onsite wastewater treatment technologies that treat waste where we generate it - in the home - without transporting it through sewer pipes or relying on septic tanks. Our technology, the Reclaimer, enables more efficient use of water by treating and reusing wastewater for purposes other than drinking - such as laundry, irrigation, cooling, and yes, flushing the toilet. Watch our short video to learn more about the Reclaimer and the future of onsite wastewater treatment.