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Engineering Field Testing

India Engineering Field Testing (EFT)

India EFT is a multi-year program to carry out the engineering field testing of transformative sanitation technologies in India.

Field testing is a critical step in the development of new technologies, generating data on the performance and robustness of prototypes under realistic use conditions, beyond controlled laboratory tests. Field testing of sanitation is challenging because it requires long-term access to users in the intended geography, safe and continuous operation of prototypes, and rigorous data collection and specimen analysis.

Our team combines U.S.-based researchers with field engineers and laboratory scientists from partners in India. Our operations are currently in the city of Coimbatore and focus on the comprehensive technical evaluation of multiple sanitation technologies developed by researchers from around the world, including India, North America and Europe. The extensive data generated by our team supports our partners in bringing technical solutions to market and encourages future technology investments.

Recent research on the use of sensors demonstrated a method to non-invasively gain quantitative insights into hygiene practices to inform sanitation technology deployment strategies.

The field testing platform aims to become a trusted expandable model in India, providing assessment of onsite sanitation technologies for both government and private clients to accelerate the wide adoption of innovation to achieve safe sanitation for all.

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