Technology-based solutions to improve health gain impact when informed by quantitative data streams. The recent explosive growth of ubiquitous, connected sensors holds great promise, yet key data gaps exist. For example, there are no early warning technologies for infectious diseases, resulting in treatment delays until individuals are symptomatic. Industrial monitoring could also benefit from new sensors solutions, e.g. to reliably assess unpleasant odors associated with sanitation system malfunctions.

Our Approach

We research novel sensors and diagnostics for the early detection of disease in individuals and communities. Through the Smart Toilet Lab, research is underway on the development of an alternative specimen collection device for health screening. The Smart Toilet is a tool to address the challenge of healthcare-acquired infections by enabling rapid detection of disease, even when individuals are asymptomatic. Research is also undeway on an integrated gas sensors system coupled with machine learning to detect malodor, and thus malfunction, in sanitation systems and technologies.

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2019 - 2020 Bass Connections Smart Toilet Project