Technology-based solutions to improve health gain impact when informed by quantitative data streams. The recent explosive growth of ubiquitous, connected sensors holds great promise, yet key data gaps exist. For example, there are no early warning technologies for infectious diseases, resulting in treatment delays until individuals are symptomatic. Industrial monitoring could also benefit from new sensors solutions, e.g. to reliably assess unpleasant odors associated with sanitation system malfunctions.

Our Approach

We seek system solutions that leverage the potential of commercial hardware to be combined in novel ways with suitable algorithms to provide actionable data. We believe human waste is a neglected, rich source of health information, and investigate approaches to provide early warning of infectious diseases and other pathologies by measuring changes in the host as opposed to attempting to track the causing agent. We are also interested in developing new sensors and diagnostics to improve health and early detection of diseases.

Current and Pending Projects Include:

  • Malodor Detection for sanitation technologies by an Integrated Gas Sensors System
  • Pre-symptomatic detection of illness or respiratory distress by wearable sensors