Water Treated by Reclaimer Technology

Water & Sanitation

Our research focuses on the development of onsite waste treatment solutions to meet the needs of resource-constrained environments. Effective solutions for the treatment of human waste and other contaminated wastewaters are needed not only in many disadvantaged communities around the world, but also in parts of the United States and in our home state of North Carolina. Increasing urbanization and water scarcity add urgency to the need for new approaches to conserve energy and reuse water. Most importantly, because we are focused on the household and community scales, these solutions need to be practical for the environments in which people live- they have to be compact as well as reliable, efficient and affordable.

Our Approach

The Center for WaSH-AID partners with experts at Duke and around the world to develop innovative technologies and commercialization strategies to address the global sanitation crisis. Our team works with industry partners and entrepreneurs to design user-centered technologies that are modular, scalable, and capable of meeting the diverse needs of communities in countries and regions of interest.

Current fOCUS AREAS Include: