Sanitation Technology Cluster

The Sanitation Technology Cluster is a global network of academic, non-profit and private industry partners led by the Center for WaSH-AID at Duke University and supported in-part by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This program consolidates several important, non-critical-path funded projects into a portfolio that can be efficiently executed and managed to promote collaboration. By leveraging extensive partnerships, the Sanitation Technology Cluster fills technology gaps, minimizes risk, disseminates research findings and increases the likelihood that user-centered innovations will advance rapidly from concept to prototype to market.

Results from research undertaken as part of the Sanitation Technology Cluster (OPP1173370) are made available through the Gates Foundation's Open Access Policy.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

A Gender Lens into Sanitation Technology Innovation

Electropermeabilization of Nematode Eggs for Parasite Deactivation

Menstrual Hygiene Management and Waste Disposal in Low and Middle Income Countries - A Review of the Literature

Non-biological Methods for Phosphorus and Nitrogen Removal from Wastewater: A Gap Analysis of Reinvented-Toilet Technologies with Respect to ISO 30500

Towards an Off-grid Fecal Sludge Treatment Unit: Demonstrating Energy Positive Thermal Treatment


Value Engineering of Advanced Filtration Processes

User-Centered Guidance for Engineering and Design of Decentralized Sanitation Technologies

Design and Engineering Assessment of a Powderized Biomass Microburner Final Report

Electrical Generation Solutions Landscape Report and Assessment to Scale

In-Line Sludge Dewatering Report

Maceration Technology Landscape

Malodor Detection for FSM Technologies by an Integrated Gas Sensors System, FSM5 Conference Abstract

Preliminary Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Analysis of Four Gates Sanitation Systems

A Review of Pure Oxygen Generation and Alternative Oxidants for Wet Oxidation of Fecal Sludge for Novel Sanitation Technologies

Technical Brief No. 1 on Menstrual Hygiene Safe Disposal Observations from Menstrual Waste Disposal Practices in Shared and Public Toilet Spaces (India)

Technical Brief No. 2 on Menstrual Hygiene Safe Disposal Informing Standards Development for Small-Scale Incinerators Frequently Deployed in Shared and Public Spaces (India)

Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA) of Duke Reclaimer

TERAX® System Value-Engineering Review for India

Thermal Treatment Solution for Menstrual Hygiene Sanitary Products

Validation of AiDA Digital Microscopy System for Automated Use with HEAD AI